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Continuing from when they first started in November, the mysterious masked musicians are continuing to attempt to return what's been lost. They both wear masks and have taken on the nicknames Gold and Silver respectively, based on the colours of their helmets - their voices distorted by some kind of internal auto-tuner that makes it sound artificial. Besides these protective helmets, they dress entirely in black.

It's clear now that Gold mostly seems to attend to Pride Records, and Silver mostly seems to attend to Virgo. Gold's personality comes across as light hearted, jovial, and full of showmanship, while Silver is more reserved, serious, and critical. It's seemingly impossible to find them unless they come to you first.

They appear on the edges of performances and press meetings, or even your favourite hang outs, but they never stay for long. Once they talk to you, you’ll know why. They've actively shown themselves to be in conflict with your labels by now - undoubtably, consorting them would be seen as a serious crime. Yet, they seem to choose these meetings carefully enough that you can manage it without getting caught...for now, anyway. They seem just as worried as you are. The execs almost certainly have a bounty on their heads after the kidnapping situation in December.


One of these mysterious figures will approach you in a private moment, and each time the conversation will be close to the same. You'll hear them speaking before you ever see them.

"You don't know it yet, but something has been taken from you. If you want, I can help to bring it back."

They are sparing with their words, as if they are afraid of pushing you too far - far enough that it might trigger whatever hold this world has on you. If you express doubt, they will continue.

"Haven't you ever experienced something strange, since you got here? Felt like've ended up in the wrong place? In the wrong skin? You're not alone, here, even if it might feel like it. Play along, just for a minute - maybe if you see it, you'll believe."

If you ask how, they'll show you. Each of them carries a strange musical device that, when used, produces a vast variety of sounds - seemingly capable of mimicking most forms of music. They'll ask you to play with them, from your heart, and whether you sing or strum, you'll feel a familiar tune come forth. And part way through your duet, you'll feel something start to change.

The effect may be immediate, or they may appear gradually over a series of days. Either way, though, if you participate, you will be able to regain part of your old self. They seem able to sense how much MP flow you have, based on how much MP you earn in an average month.

1-10: Weak, increasingly below average.
11-20: Seemingly what they're expecting, standard.
21-25: They are impressed at its strength.
25+: Exceptional - yet increasingly common. Something is strange about this batch.

After your first duet, they will appear again occasionally to help you again if you wish. With their sense of you power, they'll also be able to give you an idea of what aspects of yourself you may be able to acquire, if you try - if there are things you remember that you want returned.

If your character declines from the start, they won't pressure you. They'll leave as soon as they get the chance. After recent events, suspicious behaviour like becoming physically aggressive or attempting to photograph or record them will also result in them leaving post haste. They want to do that they can, but they are increasingly cautious. They seem to suspect that some of you may be spies for your labels.

NOTE: If you'd rather not have you character tempted by Contraband assume they never got the chance! Fame Rewards, however, do not require meeting them, or anyone else. In the case of Fame Power, it is something your character is instinctively beginning to learn on their own, and in the case of Fame Fortune, it is something that will be directly gifted to them by their label without direct provocation.

To cash in MP for rewards, use this form:

Source: Contraband or Fame
Reward: Regain Feature, Regain Power, Rewarded Power, or Rewarded Fortune
Level: Mild, Moderate, or Maximum for Contraband or Level 1-5 for Fame
MP Links: Link the AC comments the MP is being drawn from.
Description: What you want. If it’s a power, give us an idea of how it works so we can be sure that it fits the level you’ve indicated.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Both Gold and Silver are also available for answering questions during these encounters! If you character has something they would like to ask, please submit it along with you regain requests and an answer will come along with your confirmation reply.
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[personal profile] woomy 2016-04-18 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
Source: Contraband
Reward: Bubble Shield
Level: n/a
MP Links: AC with MP totals

63 MP total
-30 Mid level Super Jump
-30 Bubble Shield (this regain)

= 3 MP remaining

Description: As described on this game info page. She'll comment that it's weird that her "Bubbler" doesn't surround her completely and even weirder that it lasts stupid long but maybe that works out. Still, this would need to be nerfed back home.